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Citywide Home Loans

CHL Mortgage provides you with a full range of competitive loan products and services.
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CFAM Credit Solutions

CFAM Credit Solutions specializes in Credit Repair assisting clients to remove inaccurate...
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Attorney Support Network

Attorney Support Network is a pay at the end, attorney loan modification company....
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Jim Hopwood

Jim Hopwood has been a Sales Advisor with Insurance Solutions (IS)  for over 25 years.  Insurance Solutions is an Independent Insurance Agency that has been servicing the insurance needs of Southern California since 1967. 

Scott C Thomas

Scott C. Thomas spent time in the Office of the Orange County District Attorney, as well as several private law firms engaged in the practice of criminal defense

Laura Norris

Laura M. Norris has been with Morgan Stanley* since 1996. During this time she has developed extensive knowledge in working with clients who are transitioning into retirement

Colleen Mcnamee

Colleen McNamee Ms. McNamee focuses on family-centered conflict resolutions, such as handling high-end divorce and paternity cases. She guides her clients through a number of related matters, including property and custody issues, child and spousal support, modification of existing judgments, legal name changes, cohabitation agreements and much more.

With over 44 years of combined experience of Real Estate in the Orange County area, we can help you get the best mortage, credit repair and insurance for you and your family.

Having years of experience and networking with many high end Professionals "Money Matters with Dino" will guide you to where you need to be.

Fixed-Rates, Adjustable-Rates, Jumbos, FHA's, HARP's etc... How do you know what the best loan program is for you?

"WOW! What a great service and amazing people.
I can't recommend them enough." - Chris

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